Oil on canvas

蒸汽、水雾的象征 / 布面油画 Symbol of Vapor and Mist, Oil on canvas 275x205cm 2021
重生之河 / 布面油画 River of Rebirth NO.1 ,Oil on canvas 220x205cm 2020
蒸发的海湾 / 布面油画 Evaporated Bay,Oil on canvas 200x315cm 2020
先知 /布面油画 Prophet, Oil on canvas 165x220cm 2020
暗语 / 布面油画 Code Words,Oil on canvas 185x200cm 2016

裂口1 / 布面油画 Combination landscape1, Oil on canvas 200x300cm 2018

裂口2 / 布面油画 Combination landscape2, Oil on canvas 200x300cm 2018

水塘事故 / 布面油画 Pool Accident,Oil on canvas 200x235cm 2019
繁盛皆漆静 / 布面油画 Complex is quietness,Oil on canvas 130x171cm 2017
原始主义的野心 / 布面油画 Ambition of primitivism,Oil on canvas 200x235cm 2019
纵火 / 布面油画 Setting on fire, Oil on canvas 145x400cm 2020
盗火 /布面丙烯油彩 Searching for the blzae ,Oil on canvas 165x235cm 2019
暗与长 / 布面油画 Dark and Long,Oil on canvas 150x220cm 2016
蒸发的海湾 / 布面油画 Evaporated Bay,Oil on canvas 200x315cm 2020
至深处是寂凉 / 布面油画 Deep in the depths of silence,Oil on canvas 160x200cm 2017
信仰 / 布面油画 Faith, Oil on canvas 175x236cm 2018
寻找 / 布面油画 Seekinhg,Oil on canvas 150x235cm 2017
少年x / 油画Teenager X ,Oil on canvas 60x70cm 2017
裸露冰冷 / 布面油画 Naked ice,oil on canvas 205x180cm 2016
流年羁梦 / 布面油画 As time gose by, as dream drift along,Oil on canvas 115x140cm 2017
坠落 / 布面油画 Falling, Oil on canvas 200x155cm 2016
光芒 / 布面油画 Brilliant rays, Oil on canvas 80x80cm 2017
枝寒水静 / 布面油画 A chill sorrowful moment , Oil on canvas 155x205cm 2017