Liu Haichen:

Born in 1988 in Hebei province

2012 Central Academy of Fine Arts B.A.Printmaking

2013 Academic Exchange in Spain

2015 Central Academy of Fine Arts  M.A.Printmaking

2015 – Now Teaching at Printmaking Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Black is naturally born for the uneasiness in his work. Liu Haichen prefers to paint the dark night, the barrenness, the beast and the wild fire; the desolation, chillness and deathly stillness of the northern villages are vividly depicted in his works. He used all kinds of black to express them and little by little he realized only black are qualified to do this job, hence, black became his favorite and the main theme of his works. He wanted to present an unreal and unpredictable space which makes the black as the best one. Therefore he used black deliberately, spending much time to modify the right color and gradation. He especially paid attention to the subtleness of the expression of colors, trying to delineate the delicate changes as if he is attempting to seize a spot of light skimming over the water or a small grain of dust floating in the beam of light. This subtleness is transitory which requires the artist to be on extremely patient and careful more than ever to capture and balance it. Reviewing every simple elements that composed the picture: the light, the strokes, the lines and adjusting them elaborately as build up with complex blocks.

Liu Haichen’s favor in black enhance the light spontaneously and this strong effect on black and white, light and shadow enables his works seemed dramatic ultimately. This may be an opportunity, which leads the artist to the expression of the inauthentic factors within reality. In his works, the scene was real and the plot was blurry and put it together to stroke an emotional chord intensively. It was like a dream, you wake up and the plot fades yet the feeling stays. What remains of the dream is always the most dramatic part, he chooses to present it by painting and use it to strike the audiences’ subconscious.

——— Wang Jiang



2012年 毕业于中央美术学院版画系获学士学位

2013年 西班牙交流学习

2015年 毕业于中央美术学院版画系获硕士学位

2015年至今 任教于四川美院版画系